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Guiding Principles

I believe in the Constitution and that the Founding Fathers got it right the first time.

I believe in free market economies.

I believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility.

I believe in limited government, especially a limited federal government.

Restore Fiscal Responsibility to Washington, D.C.

The number one threat to our country is the national debt, and the number one threat to our economy is Washington’s runaway spending. Our current fiscal path is unsustainable and, if left unchecked, will lead to economic disaster. On top of this, the never-ending Covid spending bills continue to pile on our national debt in record amounts. This is already leading to inflation, hurting the American people and our economy when we need relief and recovery the most.  Congress must pass balanced budget amendment and tackle its out-of-control spending in order for our economy to thrive. We need leaders in D.C. that are willing to overhaul failed economic policies. We have a moral imperative to tackle this issue rather than saddle our children and grandchildren with a massive bill.

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Unleash the American Entrepreneurial Spirit

Small businesses are the economic engine of this country, employing more than half the American workforce. The economic freedom of a vibrant private sector is crucial in ensuring these small enterprises grow and thrive. History has also shown that small businesses lead the economic recovery effort when allowed to grow and not stifled with hostile regulations and uncertainty driven by policies in Washington. As a small business owner who operates a successful trucking company, I have seen first-hand what the American entrepreneurial spirit can unleash if given the freedom to do so. Getting government out of the way and providing job creators the environment they need to flourish is the single-most important thing we can do to get this economy moving again.

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Drain the Swamp: Politics is Bad for Business

The professional political class in Washington is putting our country’s future at risk. Politicians today are more concerned about winning their next election than solving the serious problems our country faces. Washington’s culture of backroom deals, political gamesmanship, and leading-from-behind is hurting our economy, the American people and threatening our national safety. Too often, career politicians rely on lobbyists to draft and propose important policies without understanding the real-world impact to small businesses and our economy. As someone who has spent their professional career in the private sector I will stand up against politics as usual and do what’s right to get our economy rolling again!


  • Advance Economic Freedoms:  Washington D.C. shouldn’t be in the business of central planning. Burdensome and outdated rules and regulations crippling taxes and tariffs and runaway spending are hindering innovation and choking our economy.  Bureaucrats in Washington are picking winners and losers instead of the free market, and our economy is suffering because of it. In Congress, I will work to get government out of the way of job creators and create an environment that supports—not stifles—small business owners and innovators.
  • Overhaul Our Tax Code. Lowering taxes and simplifying our tax code are the keys to prosperity for all Americans. President Biden and Democrats want to overturn President Trump’s tax cuts and hike taxes across the board, including capital gains and death taxes. Biden also plans to increase taxes on corporations, putting these major employers at a severe disadvantage against other countries. In Congress, I will work to ensure the tax cuts in the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” are made permanent. I will never support a tax increase in Congress, and I will fight to curb wasteful spending. I will take on government overreach, which is funded by taxpayer dollars, and work to cut waste, fraud and abuse.
  • Slash Corporate Tax Rates. The Biden administration is set to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, putting companies at a completive disadvantage among global competitors. This tax hike along with repealing cuts on fossil fuel taxes, will only force job creators overseas. The end result harms American workers, who will see their jobs move overseas, and American consumers, who will pay higher prices for goods and services. I support slashing the corporate tax rates and will fight to do so in Congress. 
  • Pass Balanced Budget Amendment. Passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment will help restore fiscal responsibility and sustainability to Washington, D.C. Runaway federal spending, out-of-control borrowing and kicking the can down the road are threatening both our economic and national security. Further, we are saddling future generations with trillions of debt and its dire consequences. The federal government should follow the role of 49 states with balanced budget requirements and operate within its means.
  • Reform Entitlement Programs.  Entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid were created as a safety net for our most vulnerable citizens. For decades, however, these programs have ballooned in size and scope, now accounting for more than 50 percent of the federal budget. As with other federal programs, the pandemic further exacerbated costs and accelerated the crisis. Congress can’t kick the can down the road any longer. Now, more than ever, we must reform our entitlement programs. This should be done by allowing people choices, increasing flexibility and including private sector solutions. Returning these programs to their original intent is also critical to cut costs and ensure long-term sustainability. Americans should be allowed to make their own health care and retirement decisions, not special interest groups, politicians and unelected bureaucrats. In Congress, I will fight to enact these reforms. 
  • Cut Federal Spending.  Our national debt is at a historic high, and spending is out-of-control. Prior to the pandemic, our national debt was $23 trillion. In the year since, we’ve tallied up trillions more in the form of Covid relief packages. Under President Biden and Congressional Democrats, there is no end in sight. Our nation is at a tipping point. Americans are already seeing the effects of inflation and a stagnant economy, and something must be done. In Congress, I will work to enact a balanced budget amendment, cut federal spending, reduce the national debt and limit the size and scope of government.  


  • Protecting Life: I believe that life is a gift from God that begins at the moment of conception. Under President Trump, protections against taxpayer dollars funding abortions were strengthened. This important work is now being threatened by the Biden Administration and Democrats in Washington. In Congress, I will never back down in my fight to ensure no taxpayer dollars are ever used to fund abortions.


  • Putting America and Americans First: I am running for Congress because I want to help save the greatest nation on Earth. President Trump’s America First Agenda prioritized the American people, not political elites. We must get it back on track. An American First Agenda is about shrinking the size and scope of government and returning power to the people. An American First Agenda is about standing up to our foreign adversaries and standing strong with our allies. An American First Agenda means putting the needs of our citizens and country first rather than those of an international consensus or globalist agenda.


  • Safeguarding Election Integrity: Safe and secure elections are the cornerstone of our democracy and must be protected at all costs. The voting irregularities in Georgia and around the country last year underscore the need for common sense reforms. Rooting out fraud and safeguarding the integrity of our system is critical, and I applaud the passage of Georgia’s Election Integrity Act. Requiring an ID to vote, securing absentee ballots, increasing poll watchers’ access, and eliminating private funding for county elections offices will make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. But we can’t stop there. The Democrats in Congress and leftwing activists like Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight are determined to enact a federal takeover of state elections. While Republicans recently blocked HR 1, which would rig future elections for the radical left, we must remain vigilant. In Congress, I will prioritize election integrity and fight any federal takeover of our election laws.
  • Fixing Immigration and Border Security. There is a crisis on our Southern border caused by Democrats and ignored by the mainstream media. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris reversed two of President Trump’s most successful border security policies, and now illegal immigrants are flooding into our country in record numbers. In fact, since overturning Trump’s Remain in Mexico Policy and Title 42, it’s almost impossible for Border Patrol and law enforcement officials to stop anyone crossing our border. This is not only a national security threat and a humanitarian crisis, it also harms those coming into our country legally. In order to secure our borders and uphold the rule of law, we must:
    • Finish construction of the wall.
    • Enforce the immigration laws already on the books
    • Oppose amnesty
    • Reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy and Title 42 authorities.
    • End chain migration and birthright citizenship
    • Eliminate welfare incentives for illegal immigrant


  • Defending our Second Amendment Rights: Our right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right that “shall not be infringed,” spelled out in the United States Constitution. Our Founding Fathers did not have sportsmen or hunting in mind when they wrote this. Their intent was to protect citizens from a tyrannical government. The Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress, however, are determined to destroy our Second Amendment rights. Along with deep-pocketed special interest groups, they are working to ram through gun-grabbing measures at every level of government in every corner of the United States. They must be stopped. I support Constitutional Carry and will oppose any legislation or bureaucratic effort that undermines our Constitutional right to keep and bear firearms.